Laptops have been in many different categories over the years, but to be honest many of the terms used to categorize laptops are not really necessary.

For example, many businesses will call their laptops laptops instead of laptops. There may be several reasons for this naming decision, including:

• Companies do not want you to put laptops on your lap for medical reasons.

• The term “notebook” more precisely represents the finesse and lightness of the product sold.

• The term “Notebook” has no association with devices that look like this:

Although the terms “Notebook” and “Laptop” represent the same type of devices for ten years, these two terms were not always interchangeable, and there are still categorical terms for the laptops that actually serve. purposes. One such term is the word “Chromebook”.
 An HP Chromebook

The only thing that all Chromebooks have in common is that they use a Google-developed operating system called Chrome OS, which should play the biggest role in the decision to make it. buy a Chromebook or Chromebook . Location .

Chrome OS is a double-edged sword because it offers much more security to its users, but at the cost of a massive reduction in the versatility of the device. If you need to do one of the following things, do not get a Chromebook rental, get a laptop for rent :

• running local programs

Yes, that’s about it.

Being unable to run local programs can be a big problem if you are an event organizer or if you use a Chromebook as a personal computer. You will not be able to run any image editing, word processing or game editing software unless you find them in a browser or if you find an application for the program you need in the Chrome store.

It’s not because I have problems with Chrome OS that Chromebooks are bad devices. In fact, choosing a Chromebook on a regular laptop is a great decision if you need something that focuses on cloud storage, fast response times, security or if you need to. 39, a laptop with an incredibly long battery. If you want to use custom software, use other laptops equipped with more traditional operating systems.

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