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What is the Future for LED Display in 2017?


Could projectors be replaced by LED panels in the near future?

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<p style= We have experienced the quality of 4k resolution in movie theaters since the film’s transition to digital projectors. Where can he go from here? and what LED screens can bring to the table? Read more …

Top 10 Trends of LED Display for 2017

 Image Result for Led Display Screen "width =" 338 "height =" 225 "/> What types of changes are made to the LED Panels and do they become more profitable than other popular technologies? This article discusses the walls of video, but in many ways, LED screens can achieve the same goal <strong>  More …  </strong> </span> </p>
<h2 style= Growth of the LED Display Market

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<p style= As LED panels are gaining popularity, the market grows with them. Technology has allowed us to make smaller field sizes more common, but how much smaller can it get? What will become the standard size of not popular? Read more …

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