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Ultra-Thin Laptop Rentals and Rivalry


It has only been a few months since the release of the HP Specter x360, which claimed to be the world’s thinnest notebook at the time of its release. Since then, there have already been at least two notable claims on the name of “the world’s thinnest laptop”. Before I start, I’ll just tell you that neither of these two claims is owned by an Apple product.

Make no mistake, the MacBooks are still awesome, but these suitors are much slimmer while touting their own stylish designs. However, it should be noted that some of these laptops have sacrificed a little more than others in order to be called “the finest laptop in the world”. The three laptops we will be looking at in particular are the HP Specter x360, the Acer Swift 7 and the Lenovo Yoga Book.

HP Specter x360

As mentioned earlier, the HP Specter was the title holder of the world’s thinnest notebook in October of last year. The Specter x360 is an extremely impressive device, and it is able to switch to a large tablet, which is great if you have the sudden urge to look excessively all your favorite shows on Netflix.

The impressive spectrum does not come from its thinnest alone. The spectrum is more than a simple gimmick notebook that was created solely to be the world’s thinnest notebook, the Specter x360 actually hosts some pretty awesome specs, such as:

• Up to 16 gigabytes of RAM
• Intel Core i5 or i7
• 4K display
• Choice of Intel or NVIDIA graphics card (depending on the model)
• Choice between 256 or 512 GB SSD
• Up to 15 hours of autonomy

Acer Swift 7

The next competitor of the world’s thinnest laptop throne was the Acer Swift 7. However, unlike the Specter x360, the Swift 7 sacrifices a bit of power to become the laptop the slimmer market. Perhaps the most notable example of these reductions is the limitations imposed on the storage of Swift 7.

Notebooks have never been known for their customization, but the Acer Swift 7 does not give you any options related to RAM or SSD storage space. If you get an Acer Swift at the time of publication of this article, you will only be able to get a model with SSD of 256 GB, so if you need a rental location. laptop with more storage space, think about Specter x360 or another laptop. In addition to the 256 GB SSD, Swift 7 also has:

• Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor
• 8 GB RAM
• 13.3-inch Full HD display
• Battery life up to 9 hours

Even though the Acer Swift 7 has sacrificed material to become the world’s thinnest notebook, it has managed to become the world’s thinnest notebook and many consider it always as the holder of the title.

Lenovo Yoga Book

The last, recalcitrant to claim under the world’s finest notebook is the Lenovo Yoga Book. If you already own, or know the yoga book, at this point, you probably say “but the yoga book is a tablet, not a laptop!”, And you’re right, it’s a 2 in 1 like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Compared to other tablets, the Yoga Book is great, and even if the keyboard does not come off, it can rotate 360 ​​° to easily convert it to tablet mode. However, it may be easy to confuse this device with something that you would mostly use as a laptop, but here are some specifications that you can use to get an idea of ​​the device:

• Intel Atom processor x5-Z8550
• 4 GB of RAM
• 64 GB
• Up to 13 hours of autonomy
• Keyboard Halo / Drawing
] • Windows or Android OS compatible

This is the only device where the list of specifications needs a little more explanation. If you are concerned about storage, the 64GB of storage can be expanded by 128 gigabytes via a microSD card slot. The halo keyboard is like a normal keyboard, but instead of the physical keys, you can press, the characters turn on for the mode on which the keyboard is currently active, either in keyboard mode or in drawing pad mode . The design pad is another unique feature of the yoga book, which allows people to express their inner artistic desires by drawing pictures with the help of a touch pen on the location. usual keyboard, which is an interesting feature. If you ever need a laptop rental of art, the world’s thinnest laptop is a worthwhile choice.


In terms of specs, the HP Specter x360 outperforms both the Acer Swift 7 and the Lenovo Yoga Book. However, the HP Specter x360 and the Acer Swift 7 are both extremely similar, and although the Yoga Book performs better than these two devices, it brings unique and interesting features to the table, even if it is not the same. is more portable than tablet. If you only need a slim but stylish laptop for an event, you can always go with a netbook rental if you’re not in the 2-in-1 tablet thing, but until now, everyone is doing it!

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