Super Meat Boy meets Towerfall in this upcoming platform game.

During the morning Nintendo Direct Mini the pixelated platformer game Celeste announces that it will be launched on January 25 for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC

Celeste is the new game of Towerfall Ascension developer Matt Makes Games. You can watch the first 9 minutes of Celeste in action here:

He shares many similarities with Towerfall, but plays exclusively solo, a linear experience full of secrets and collectibles. As a result, it feels a bit like a cross between Towerfall and Super Meat Boy.

Originally designed for Pico-8 in just four days, the developers decided to recreate and expand Celeste into a complete game. The original, now called Celeste Classic, can still be played for free here .

The release date of Celeste was announced as part of a Nintendo Direct Mini, next to the revelation of a new game Mario Tennis and Dark Souls Remastered to come to Switch. You can see all the ads here .

Tom Marks is an associate publisher specializing in PC gaming at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter .

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