“It’s 190CE and China is in turmoil.”

Total War: Three Kingdoms was announced, and it will be set up during the Han Dynasty.

The Total War team made the announcement on Twitter revealing that the historical strategy game will be launched in the fall of 2018, and will be the first series game to explore ancient China. Accompanying the announcement is the first trailer of the game, which can be seen below:

The game will run in 190CE and will focus on the heroes of the period as they fight to unite China under one banner. The game will be developed by Creative Assembly, and published by Sega. Although other potential platforms have not been announced, the game will be available on Steam and can be added to wish lists right now.

In the game, the child-emperor is manipulated by a tyrant, Dong Zhuo, who exercises an oppressive dominance over China. Three heroes will swear allegiance and stand up with the support of warlords of large families, banding together to challenge him. If it sounds familiar to you, maybe you’ve already played a game of Dynasty Warriors – this period is part of the story in this series.

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