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Top 3 Architectural Lighting Articles


Facades of the Media

 architecture-led-display "width =" 339 "height =" 254 "/> Since the early 2000s, designers have integrated LED screens into the design of buildings. to transmit information and graphics  <strong> read more … </strong>  </span> </p>
<h2> <span style= Choosing the “right” supplier

Critical questions you must consider. Is prospective manufacturing your competitor or partner? Industry reports highlight the biggest factor that comes into play when buying LED screens read more …

The general understanding of LED lighting is not progressing as fast as the technology itself, here are the facts that you need to know to solve the most common misconceptions read more …

Author: Brendan O.

More than 6 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry with focus on LED display and lighting technology. As general manager of a joint design and manufacturing company, my role was to manage all aspects of the business while illustrating a strong presence of leadership and strategic thinking.
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