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2018-01- 11 01:11:22 UTC

Your credit card is about to be a lot smarter.

Dynamics Inc. and Sprint announced to CES 2018 a reprogrammable credit card that can be used for a variety of different accounts: debit, credit, loyalty and any other transaction using a magnetic stripe.

But this card has an additional innovation: it’s one of the first cards with a cell phone chip inside, and it will arrive at US banks.

The idea of ​​a reprogrammable credit card is not so spectacular or so new. The famous company Plastc disintegrated after raising 9 million dollars through a popular crowdfunding campaign. But this card could be different because its creator, Dynamics Inc., is already working with banks around the world using similar technology.

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<p> Image: mashable / michael nunez </p>
<p> This is what is called the wallet card technically, but when it will finally be distributed to consumers, it will probably be called by no one. any bank or issuer. </p>
<p> The mobile phone antenna in the card allows to communicate directly with the bank. This can be convenient for things like replacing a card, sending special offers directly to the card, downloading security information from a new card or locking it. An account in case of emergency. </p>
<p> The prototype was extremely easy to use. It has a small electronic ink reading on the front and two clickable buttons. You scroll through your different options by clicking the buttons. The one we used stored four different cards. </p>
<p> Another interesting feature: the wallet card never runs out of battery because of a small organic chip that recharges itself. He still holds in a normal wallet even though he has a tiny battery bump. </p>
<p> So, how is it going to compete with new technologies like Apple Pay and Venmo? A company spokesman explained that he has a slight advantage in at least some situations, especially ATMs, where magnetic stripe cards are required. </p>
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