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The robots of CES are a joke


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<p> <span class= 2017% 2f09% 2f18% 2f2b % 2fjackbw5.32076 "class =" image author "src =" 2F18% 2F2b% 2Fjackbw5.32076.jpg "/>  <span class= By Jack Morse 2018-01-13 02:43:24 UTC

The robots of the future are always understanding things.

This was the overwhelming recipe of CES the world’s largest technology convention, which was held last week in Las Vegas. From a folding robot who could not fold the linen to an AI-powered assistant who refused to help [19459105] a cleaning lady who continued to make things fall, the dream of robotic friends who make our lives easier is clearly far away.

But apparently, nobody bothered to communicate this fact to exhibitors and companies by presenting their latest contributions to the utopian illusion powered by the technology that is CES. Industry giants and niche manufacturers have demonstrated a series of robots that, although generally packaged, have failed to deliver on their fundamental promises – no matter what. he is coming.

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<p> The silent treatment. </p>
<p> Take the CLOi from LG. An integral part of the company's smart home product line, the quart-sized friend is designed to be a voice-activated assistant who can do anything, give you recipes to make account of the condition of your laundry. </p>
<p> Of course  CLOI did not work . At the LG press event, Vice President of American Marketing David VanderWaal was repeatedly met with silence when he asked the bot simple questions like what was for dinner that night. </p>
<p> <img class= in 2015 The Intelligent Rolling Robot is “meant to do everything your Amazon Echo device would do,” said a product representative. And although Buddy can tell you the time like Echo, we do not think that an Echo would try to flee you – something that Buddy really tried to do to this same representative at CES Unveiled

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<p> Not very beautiful </p>
<p> The Sony Aibo was not much better. The $ 2,000 internet-connected robotic dog is undeniably cute (if you're into that kind of thing), but even with all the technology that its hefty price tag implies, he ignored Sony CEO Kaz Hirai  during a press event. Later, he struggled to play fetch. One thing that she can do reliably? You cost a $ 25 per month fee for this to work. </p>
<p> And do not even touch the  Aeolus in search of a ripped donkey . </p>
<p> Essentially, despite all the promises of a conversation fueled by artificial intelligence, connectivity, and making your daily routine easier and more convenient, the CES robots have failed many times. Overall, they offered half-solutions for non-existent problems. And they hurt him. </p>
<p> CES is supposed to be the showcase of advanced technology ready to change our lives. And,  in some cases  he kept his promise. But when it came to the myriad of robotic assistants on the display, he left us wondering who exactly this junkie is extremely expensive for. </p>
<p> Unfortunately for all who attended the convention, this question remains unanswered. </p>
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