If you’ve ever asked with humor someone who has an iPhone 6/7 plus or a Samsung Galaxy S8 why he likes to own a phone that’s almost the size of a tablet, you can be happy to know that you can Now rephrase this joke for future occasions. Instead of saying that they own a phone the size of a tablet, you can now tell them that they own a phone the size of a laptop. When they do not believe you, you can show them this quaint device.

 An image comparing the GPD pocket to a MacBook Air

The camera on the left in the image above is a MacBook Air, and on the right is the handheld GPD (GamePad Digital). The pocket has a 7-inch screen, making it perhaps the smallest laptop in the world. Although the Pocket is not yet available on the market, it should be available in the near future, and once launched, you should be on the lookout for criticism because the Pocket claims to have pretty impressive specifications for one if small device. Here are some material specifications claimed:

• 8 GB of RAM
• 128 GB internal storage
• 1 type C USB port, 1 type A USB port
• 1 HDMI type port D
• A 3.5mm headphone jack
• Intel Atom processor x7-Z8750
• Intel HD Graphics 405

While the 405 graphics card should prevent you from using the Pocket as a dedicated gaming device, the Pocket is still pretty impressive for its size, but it carries a pretty high price of $ 599 at detail. The Pocket also comes with Ubuntu or Windows 10, depending on the choice of the buyer. So, are there any other catches?

The Pocket GPD is a crowdfunding funded device, which is currently listed only as being in the “Prototype Scene” on IndieGogo . Although this is not objectively a bad thing, it means that there is no guarantee that this device will be given to the people who financed it as a concept, let alone that the Device is actually sold for a retail purchase. However, should note that GamePad Digital – the company behind the handheld – has successfully created and sold crowdfunding-funded projects in front of this device, and that some Online shopping services already offer sales purchases for the pocket.

It should also be noted that the Pocket has received $ 3,478,026 on its $ 200,000 goal, so GamePad Digital should easily have enough money to make the pocket a reality. However, even if the Pocket starts, he could always follow the path of the Ouya. If the Pocket GPD does not work, you can always count on a proven MacBook Air rental for your light computer rental needs, and if you do not already know about Ouya, you should look at it – it’s really a fun reading.

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