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<p> <span class= 2017% 2f09% 2f18% 2f2b% 2fjackbw5.32076 "class =" image author "src =" 2F2b % 2Fjackbw5.32076.jpg "/>  <span class= By Jack Morse 2018-01-12 21:20:13 UTC

CES is a ruthless brute. As the world’s largest technology convention ends today in Las Vegas, thousands of attendees have embarked on a final campaign to make the most of a busy week of product launches problematic power outages and too many sales pitches to count – and they are tired.

The cracks began to show Wednesday, technically only on the second day of the convention. Mixed between drone classes, domestic robots, and at least one promise of free beer (only until stocks ran out!), There were countless numbers of people all over the world just trying to catch a damn minute of sleep.

From sitting at booths, at times of presumed peace, to saying “pull it” and lay on the floor, it was clear that the biggest trend at CES was to sleep through the CES.

And then there were the recliners.

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<p> The irresistible fluorescent lights and the incessant din of hopeful sites did not make the weight in the face of the call Powerful sun loungers equipped with different types of massage technology. People lined up for the chance to go to bed, close their eyes, and catch up on a little EMR they needed badly on the pretext of product research. </p>
<p> The five separate reclining cabins that we spotted in the South Hall, promising a brief respite, were a favorite among the attendees. Even if it was not literally, it was enough to get up a few moments for a few. </p>
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