Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K And HD Remaster

Star Ocean fans and those of you new to the series of games, are sure to be interested to know that the Star Ocean The Last Hope remastered game is now available offering both Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolutions. To recap Star Ocean The Last Hope takes place at the very beginning of the Star Ocean series and takes players on the epic journey of mankind’s last stand. Allowing players to explore and battle in dangerous, mysterious and fantastical worlds across the universe.Check out the gameplay you can expect to enjoy in the trailer below, created to accompany the launch of the game on the PlayStation platform. Graphical enhancements included in the Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K Ultra HD and HD remastered game include :

– Upconverting the textures, and upresing the UI textures to 4K
– Implementing graphical options, such as camera blur, self shadow, and shadow quality selection.

Takaaki Kai Producer from Square Enix explains more :

The game already had gorgeous graphics, so in order to really elevate the value of its beauty, we didn’t want to do a simple remake. Instead, we decided to support 4K resolution, even if it meant that the cost would increase drastically. I thought that the sense of awe I felt looking at the beautiful visuals would not translate appropriately in this day and age unless it was displayed in 4K. On the other hand, there is an established sense of enjoyment in the battles and the game itself, so we kept those intact, since we wanted people to experience those aspects as close to its original form, rather than having us inappropriately meddling in those areas. Thanks to this, the exhilarating actions (i.e., Sight Out, among others) that had been enjoyed since the original release feels better than ever with the beautiful 4K graphics. I’m sure those who played the game back in the day on the PS3 will also be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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