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Spyware creator arrested for allegedly creeping on thousands for 13 years


 The hacker behind Fruitfly has been accused of spying on infected users. "Class =" microcontent "data fragment =" lead-image "data-image =" = / 950x534 / filters: quality (90) / https% 3A% 2F% 2Fuploads% 2Fcard% 2Fimage% 2F691583% 2F3e082a25-3efd-42c8-ba02-317a9a6a0669.jpg "data-micro =" 1 "data-url =" null "  data-src=" 2Fuploads% 2Fcard The hacker behind Fruitfly has been accused of spying on infected users. 

<p> Image: RITCHIE B. TONGO / EPA-EFE /% 20Fefault REX / Shutterstock </p>
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The culprit behind the scary spyware Fruitfly was finally caught – after 13 years.

A 28-year-old Ohio man was charged Wednesday for launching malware attack on thousands of computers, according to the United States . Department of Justice (DOJ).

Phillip Durachinsky was charged with 16 charges for wiretapping, identity theft, production of child pornography and other computer fraud.

Fruitfly – as the malware was named – was installed on thousands of computers from 2003 to January 2017. Durachinsky had access to personal computers with devices in businesses, schools, a police department and a subsidiary of the US Department of Energy. Yes, he was supposedly spying on the government, according to the DOJ.

The malware gave him access to the data and allowed him to download files, download and take screenshots, track keystrokes, turn on the camera and microphone – and everything record.

When Mashable reported on spyware in July, Patrick Wardle Synack’s chief of security research, said: “[A] a hacker built this to spy on users for reasons probably perverse. ”

It’s getting worse According to the DOJ, Durachinsky would have watched and listened to the infected people. He would also have been warned by the malware if words related to porn were typed on an infected device.

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