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Shure Unveils $99 USB-C Headphone Replacement Cable


[CES 2018] With more handset OEM starts to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack, and how we also start to See the same thing for laptops (although it’s not as prevalent yet), it’s not surprising that we’re starting to see more helmet manufacturers take out wireless headsets to compensate for them.

In a slightly different direction and at CES 2018, the company has unveiled a $ 99 USB-C headphone cable replacement designed for high-end headphones. Since audiophiles tend to agree that wired headphones sound better than wireless, this replacement cable will allow them to continue using their wired headphones with their phones or computers.

However, it should be noted that especially for Shure helmets in mind because of the connector that it uses, although if your headset supports MMCX, you should not have any problems with use it, although most of the time it will be limited to Shure earbuds, but at least There are also dongles sold by accessory manufacturers that are cheaper than this $ 99 cable, which is worth It is worth checking if you prefer not to spend too much money. .

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