Raspberry Pi Foundation Reveals New Christmas Projects And Resources

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts might be interested to learn that the official Raspberry Pi Foundation blog has revealed new Raspberry Pi resources and projects specifically created for the holiday season. The details include some new festive projects together with code snippets and projects that can be incorporated either with the physical Sense HAT or the virtual online version through your browser. So if you fancy having a Raspberry Pi advent calendar this Christmas jump over to the official Raspberry Pi Foundation blog for more details.

The Raspberry Pi foundation explains a little more about some of the Pi Christmas projects :

Sense HAT advent calendar (Builder level): put the lovely lights on your Sense HAT to festive use by creating an advent calendar you can open day by day. However, there’s strictly no cheating with this calendar — we teach you how to use Python to detect the current date and prevent would-be premature peekers!

Code a carol (Developer level): Have you ever noticed how much repetition there is in carols and other songs? This resource teaches you how to break down the Twelve days of Christmas tune into its component parts and code it up in Sonic Pi the lazy way: get the computer to do all the repetition for you!

Naughty and nice (Maker level): Have you been naughty or nice? Find out by using sentiment analysis on your tweets to see what sort of things you’ve been talking about throughout the year. For added fun, why not use your program on the Twitter account of your sibling/spouse/arch nemesis and report their level of naughtiness to Santa with an @ mention?

More details jump over to the official Pi blog by following the link below. If you enjoy building Pi projects you might be interested in our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and small screens.

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