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PUBG Will Allow Cheater Reporting in Replay Mode



Cheat Cheats Beware …

PlayerUnknown Battlefields will soon allow players to report cheats directly from the replay system in the game.

The news was revealed as part of 39; a Steam community blog stating what will be available for the next PUBG update. Currently available on the game’s test servers, the reporting system has been developed to create “a fair gaming environment in PUBG”.

By blog post: “This means that you no longer need to be killed by an alleged cheater so that you can use the tool to create reports in the game “.

Players will be able to report directly from the list of players, as well as on the timeline when they watch or watch a match. The message encourages players to use the system to inform developers of cheating players who “undermine your enjoyment of the game”.

Two new crates will also be added to the game, with the test servers receiving “100,000 BP and 6 keys” to test the stability of the system before launch.

It was recently revealed that the CEO of PUBG Corp. Chang Han Kim plans to launch the title on “every platform” . The game also helped Steam reached another milestone for concurrent users, peaking at 18.5 million.

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