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PUBG Loot Crate Drop Rates Revealed



These sleeveless biker jackets are hard to find.

Drop Rates for PlayerUnknown Battlefields were revealed.

As detailed on a Steam community blog, the new paid Desperado and the free boxes of Biker have a drop rate of 40%, which is much better than the 10% from Wanderer and Survivor boxes.

The developer also unveiled drop rates for each Desperado and Biker item. Here are the drop rates for some of the rarest items, with the complete list available here .

Desperado items:

Horn Mounted Eyeglasses (Black): 4.50% Training Pants (Light Blue): 4.50% Leather Boots (Brown): 4.50 % Horn Eyeglasses (Brown): 2.50% Aviator Sunglasses: 1.30% Checked Jacket: 1.30% Long Sleeve Leather Shirt: 0.60% Leather Hoodie (Black): 0.32% Leather Hoodie (White): 0.32% Cloth Mask (Leopard): 0.16%


Floral Shirt (White): 0.26% Sneakers (Black): 0.26% Quilted Jacket (Purple): 0.06% Princess Power Tank Top: 0.06% Floral Shirt (Black): 0.05% Biker Pants (Gray): 0.05% Aviator Glasses: 0.03% Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown): 0.01% Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black): 0.01% Cloth Mask (Damier ): 0.01%

PUBG, who recently reached a record of 3 million simultaneous players on Steam will soon allow the postponement of the cheater of the replay system at stake . With Steam again reaching a record number of simultaneous players with over 18 million users it was revealed that PUBG is now by far the most played game on the platform.

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