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A little TLC goes far

LED Displays Are Subject to Daily Abuse, What It Is D & D Indoor or outdoor installations. As with all electronic devices, regular maintenance, inspection and the CCM will extend their life. Here are some tips to protect your investment more information …

Operating Precautions for LED Displays in Cold Climates

Cool weather is not necessarily bad for LED Displays . It can help cool the LEDs working hard and other misc. components But what about extremely cold temperatures? Read more …

Thermal Management

A major threat to any LED display is the heat. Does your screen work at a safe temperature during the hot summer months? Or is he about to overheat? Correct positioning and regulation of temperature are essential Read more …

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More than 6 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry with focus on LED display and lighting technology. As general manager of a joint design and manufacturing company, my role was to manage all aspects of the business while illustrating a strong presence of leadership and strategic thinking.
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