The weekly Nintendo issue of IGN discusses the January Nintendo Direct Mini and shares their thoughts on all new announcements.

Weeelcooome at Nintendo Voice Chat, Episode 390 – Nintendo Direct Week! This week, Filip, Peer, Brian and Zach sit down to discuss the Nintendo January Direct Mini. What we liked, did not like, and what we think Nintendo still has to talk about in 2018.

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Topics and places to chat:

00:00 Weeeeeelcooome!

12:00 The world ends with you announced for change

17:30 Kirby Star Allies

19:00 Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition

22:00 Mario Tennis Aces

23:30 Ys VII: Dana’s Lacrimosa

25:50 Super Mario Odyssey Update

] 29:50 SNK Tag Team Heroines Fenzy

30:50 Mario + Rabbits DK DLC!

34:30 Fe

35:50 Celestial

38:00 Paying 2

39:20 Donkey Kong tropical countries freezing

] 42:00 Remastered Dark Souls

49:00 Missing Things

51:00 New Games for the Week!

54:20 Question Block

Video Bonus: Nintendo Switch eShop Releases: January 11

What do you think?

Were you satisfied with all the ads coming out? the Nintendo Direct Mini? What were some of your favorite ads and what do you think it was missing? Let us know!

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