Microsoft unveiled a new laptop that will begin shipping on June 15th. This laptop is currently called Surface Laptop. This name should not be confused with previous Microsoft devices with extremely similar sound names such as those in the Microsoft Surface Pro series, or previous iterations of Microsoft on Surface Books laptops, or even Microsoft Surface which was a table , no Microsoft wants to sell several tablets that are computer tables that began to be sold in 2008 and 2012.

 Microsoft Surface Laptop

The new Microsoft Surface laptop is awesome. The Surface Laptop is slim and weighs 2.7 pounds. As is typical in the current trend of the laptop to seek thinness, it probably means that the surface computer will not have a CD / DVD tray, which is a break from Case for anyone who needs to use discs normally. The laptop will be available in 4 colors at launch, including platinum, gold graphite, burgundy and cobalt blue.

Following the trend of Microsoft Surface Pro devices, the Laptop Surface has impressive features to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The Surface Laptop can be equipped with an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor. In terms of memory storage, the Surface notebook comes with SSD storage in three size options, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. However, to get the 512GB storage option, you need to get the laptop with 16 GB of RAM. The surface laptop can also come with 4 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes of RAM if you do not see you need 16 gigabytes.

While this device is certainly aesthetically pleasing, and certainly has impressive specifications, Microsoft may have accidentally shot in the foot with this release. If Microsoft only released this new laptop, it would release a major competitor in the notebook market. But Microsoft has not only released this new laptop, Microsoft has also decided to release a new version of the Windows operating system that will be linked to the Surface Laptop – Windows S.

The new operating system’s gadget, Windows S, is that it will only be able to use and run programs available on the Windows Store or programs that are Web-based tools that work with the Microsoft Web browser. Edge. This greatly limits the usefulness of this device, and for the moment this means that you can not even use Google Chrome, Firefox or a myriad of other essential programs if you were using Windows 10 S. The system of Operating Windows 10 S does not seem to be designed for the average consumer, but rather seems to be designed for educational institutions or other institutions that would like to severely limit what you can access or perform via your apparatus.

Overall, the Surface Laptop is an awesome device, but if you are someone who wants a high security laptop or who needs to rent computers portable for educational purposes, I do not really see this laptop for you. As an average consumer, there is simply too much that this laptop can not do because of the current known limitations of the Windows 10 S operating system unless you are an educator or organizer of 39; events. shop, I highly recommend looking for a Microsoft Surface Pro rental instead if you are looking for a Microsoft branded laptop rental .

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