This is some somewhat old information at this point, but MacBook Air may soon become a thing of the past. It’s no secret that the Air MacBook is an aging design, and updates made to the 2016 model were nothing to cheer on the streets. Unless Apple reveals a big refresh of the MacBook Air model, MacBook Air can be devices of the past for two main reasons.


Apple abandoned the 11-inch MacBook Air last year, which basically pulls the entire Air range in the foot. The appeal of MacBook Air was still the lightweight and stylish design of the device, and cutting the smallest variant of Air effectively kills the main reason why people would rent this device instead of 39; obtain a MacBook Pro rental or Microsoft Surface rental .

2. Technological progress

So what was the reasoning behind the 11-inch MacBook Air shutdown? Although Apple is not officially out to say it, it’s probably due to the release of the 12-inch MacBook. At the event that unveiled the 12-inch MacBook model, the device was compared to the MacBook Air and unsurprisingly, the Air was outperformed.

It would be reasonable to retain the 11 inch MacBook Air model within the range if it had just been outclassed. However, the 11-inch MacBook Air was more than just outperformed, it was also heavier than the 12-inch MacBook. The 12-inch MacBook weighs only 2 pounds, while the 11-inch MacBook Air weighs 2.4 pounds. It is a bit difficult to continue marketing something that has been sold around the premise of being lightweight and compact when there is something even lighter and more powerful on the market.

Although the Apple Air line may be dying, it is important to note that MacBooks are not heavy devices at the moment. Apple MacBook 12 inches is essentially the replacement of the 11-inch MacBook Air because it is both lighter and more powerful. It will be interesting to see if Apple drives the last nail in the coffin of the MacBook Air line in 2017.

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