It seems that some Google Home Max owners are having trouble with their devices when it is connected to their WiFi network. According to reports that were posted on the Google Product Forums it seems that for some users, the Home Max “kills” their WiFi networks and only a hard reset of the modem and router will solve it.

According to the message from Alastair Hadden, “My Google Home Max arrived today.The initial setup was fine, everything worked (wizard, streaming services), but my Wi-Fi network It’s collapsed, which necessitated a reboot of the modem and the router.It had to come down a few more times for me to realize that Max was causing it, every time I had tried to broadcast the radio or Spotify, the Wi-Fi is dead and had to be restarted. “

As reported by the Android Police, this seems to be the same problem caused by the Nexus Player that was reported there There are months. Note that this does not affect every existing user or modem / router. On the contrary, it seems to be more consistent with users who use the TP-Link Archer C7.

The good news is that, according to a response from a Google representative, the company is aware of the complaints and are studying the problem. When exactly what will be fixed remains to be seen, but if you encounter disconnections and you have the Google Home Max, there is a chance that it is the culprit.

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