The new Microsoft Surface Laptop is designed to be the equivalent of MacBook Air. Even though I’m not going to say that the Laptop Surface is going to be a MacBook Air killer – because, let’s face it, only Apple is able to kill the MacBook Air – Microsoft seems to have temporarily addressed the l? one of the main problems of Laptop Surface – this problem being Windows 10S.

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<p> Until December 31, 2017, anyone who purchases the Microsoft Surface laptop will be allowed to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro for free. Starting next year, it will cost you $ 50 if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 S, which you will probably do. For those of you who have not read the article last month on Laptop Surface, let me explain why I do not like Windows 10 S. </p>
<p> Windows 10 S would be a good operating system if you run a teaching establishment, but otherwise the practical side of the new operating system stops there. Windows 10 S would be ideal for educators because the operating system only allows users to download applications and other software via the Windows Store, making the device safer and more likely to 39, be used for intended purposes. If you are trying to install something that is not found on the Windows Store, such as the Steam Online Store or something on a disk, you will need to buy Windows 10 Home / Pro or get another laptop. </p>
<p> Windows 10 S is designed to be a direct competitor of Google's Chromebooks <a title=which both run operating systems based on Windows and Android, respectively on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome (respectively). The difference between the Laptop Surface and the Chromebooks however is that newer Chromebooks typically range between $ 400 and $ 500, while a Microsoft Surface Laptop will cost you at least $ 999. The high price point of the surface computer is probably not sustainable for most students, unfortunately it is probably the demographic group that would most willingly buy this device equipped with Windows 10 S in outside school administrators.

For the time being, Microsoft Surface Laptop purchasers may update their Windows 10 Pro operating system for free until 31 December 2017. Although this is only a temporary solution, it will allow buyers to escape the horrors of the Windows store without having to pay the cost of normal computer entry tickets.

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