Explore the world beneath the surface with the Fifish P3 underwater camera robot. Complete with powerful engines and waterproof design, this durable robot can accompany you in any dive. In fact, the Fifish P3 can handle depths of up to 330 feet while working perfectly. Built in the swimming robot is a 4K underwater camera. Recording in such a resolution brings the underwater world to life for you to relive again and again. Or, if you’re looking for instant gratification, you can stream live content to your audience. However, live streaming only offers up to 1080p HD. Compact and designed to fit anywhere, the Fifish P3 weighs only 6 kilograms. Plus, you get a custom controller to determine where it’s going and how it’s moving. Although the release date is unknown, the Fifa P3 will soon be part of a pre-order campaign.

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