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E3 Organizers Condemn Trump’s Immigrants Comments



“There is no place in our society for this kind of retrograde thinking.”

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) issued a statement regarding comments recently reported by President Donald Trump regarding immigrants from countries like Haiti and El Salvador.

The Washington Post reported that President Trump referred to these places as “s ****** countries” while discussing the protection of immigrants from these countries as well as from certain countries. African


The ESA, owners and operators of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), issued the statement on Twitter claiming that “the greatness of America lies in our diversity”. The full statement of the company reads:

The greatness of America rests on our diversity. The president’s disgusting comments undermine the core values ​​of who we are as a country. There is no room in our society for this type of retrograde thinking, and we condemn it in the strongest terms.

The ESA will occasionally issue statements on issues outside the video game industry, although the association focuses primarily on the events of the video game world. The ESA made a statement last year regarding President Trump’s controversial travel ban claiming that “the American video game industry is fueling the contributions of Innovators and storytellers from around the world. ”

Trump has since denied made comments reported by the Washington Post, while African countries claim apologies from the president for his alleged comments.

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