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DK Joining Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle



This Kong has style, so listen, guys.

Ubisoft announced that Donkey Kong will join Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as a playable character this spring.

According to Ubisoft, Donkey Kong will be included in a new set of stories in a new world, and will be exclusive to this new content.

A trailer shown in the Nintendo Direct Mini of today showed DK throwing a Rabbid in the air, but did not reveal any of his moves or abilities.

Previously, Ubisoft revealed a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle season pass [19459119] including new weapons, solo challenges, and story content. DK content is included in the Season Pass or may be purchased separately.

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<p> A Mario DLC + Raving Rabbids  launched in October  followed by a local PVP mode  last month . </p>
<p> For in know more, read IGN's ] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review  </p>
<p> Andrew is the editor of the IGN News and he is so excited to come back on Mario + Rabbits, you can find it disjointed on Persona and cute animals  on Twitter . </p>
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