We are sure that many players were delighted, but the other day, Dark Souls Remastered was announced . should arrive on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo switch. The idea of ​​a remastered version of the game has excited everyone, leading to speculation, which has since been clarified by the Dark Souls theorist, VaatiVidya.

In a post on Twitter (via Destructoid ), Vaati clarified that the remastered version of the game will not use the new assets found in the engine Dark Souls 3. It will not contain any fighting differences either, and there will be no illumination HDR specifically for the PS4 Pro. However, he confirmed that the game would run at 60fps, which we think is pretty neat except for the Nintendo Switch which seems to run at 30fps when connected, but at 60fps for all other platforms.

a few things I posted yesterday – “Remastered Dark Souls will not include new assets based on the Dark Souls 3 engine or combat differences.
there is no HDR lighting for the PS4 Pro version “

? some links I was looking for had bad info

– Vaati (@VaatiVidya) January 11 The game is currently scheduled to arrive on May 25, 2018, where it will be sold at $ 40 for consoles. it has been suggested that it could also be priced at $ 40, although there is a chance that it could be reduced by 50% if the players had a copy of the previous version of the game, but this can not be confirmed yet.

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