This page contains tips and tricks to help you defeat Anubis in the Assassin’s Trials of the Gods’ Creed Origins.

A new quest will appear in your journal that will prompt you to investigate a small problem in the Animus. This will take you to your first trial where you will face the jackal-headed god of death, Anubis.

This lawsuit takes place in the Great Sand Sea of Egypt which is located south of Siwa and west of the Black Desert. You can reach its location by quickly traveling to a nearby point in Siwa and riding your chosen mount the rest of the way.

When you reach the site, enter the ray of light to start the trial.

To prevent one shot from killing, approach or approach level 40 before attempting the trial. For the most part, it’s a ranged battle, so get ready with heavy hitting bows such as a legendary warrior bow and a light bow. Weapon characteristics such as touch health, critical strike damage and accuracy will be extremely useful. You will also have to engage in a melee battle at some point, so a fast and powerful melee weapon like a sword or a sickle sword is recommended. Upgrade skills such as Boost Chain Throw, Expand Combo, and Warrior / Hunter Master for improved combat.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. The skills and weapon preferences of each player are different.

When the trial begins, it is important to stay mobile and use your bow to hit the glowing sphere in the middle of Anubis’ chest. To keep your supply of arrows, make sure you fill your ammo by picking up the mounds of shiny sand that fall throughout the battle.

The first wave of attacks will begin with pairs of inflamed hyenas that will follow your movement across the test area. You can avoid them as long as you keep running in the opposite direction of their highlighted path, dodging them if they are too close.

Try to shoot down fiery hyenas with one stroke of your bow if you have trouble avoiding their attacks.

Anubis alternates between inflamed hyenas and a blinding sand attack that can also be avoided by keeping an eye on the trajectory of the attack that is clearly visible on the ground.

Once his health has been reduced by about a fifth, he will send 5 minions that you will have to withdraw trying to avoid the inflamed circles and jagged walls of the bones that it begets during this time. You can break the walls of bones by breaking them.

Use chain attacks to quickly eliminate minions.

The next wave will still include inflamed hyenas and sand attacks, but this time, the intervals in which they occur will become shorter. Flaming hyena pairs will now appear back to back and sandstorms will increase in frequency. Remember, keep moving and stay out of the highlighted attack area.

Anubis will still summon the minions but this time, you’ll have to avoid the wall of bones and fiery hyenas while you fight them. Once the henchmen get eliminated, get ready for Anubis to launch all his attacks in your own way.

When bone walls appear, be sure to pierce them quickly as sand attacks will follow. Flaming hyenas will come from alternate directions, so using your dodge ability will be helpful. Anubis will also send a packet of full size hyenas for the taste. This will continue until you end up defeating the Egyptian god.

250 Drachmas 1000 XP Level 40 Shield Legendary Tomb Protector or Level 40 Legendary Sword Leader or Level 40 Legendary Scepter.

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