While one of the aspects of CES is that companies are announcing new products, technological advances, prototypes, etc., there is also much going on behind the scenes, where companies could meet to discuss partnerships, show unpublished products and similar tastes.

That is why it is not surprising to learn that in a report from Bloomberg it seems that Apple had sent representatives to CES 2018 where they would have encountered suppliers of augmented reality (AR) components that would be able to provide them with the necessary equipment for the AR glasses

There is no way to confirm whether this meeting took place, but again we would not be surprised because meetings occur from time to time, although whether or not a fruitful meeting is probably more of an interest. However, we know that Apple is very interested in AR technology, and we finally heard that the company could work on its own AR glasses that could make their debut in 2020

] The report goes on to add that Apple was not the only one to meet AR component vendors, and that other companies such as Facebook and Google also had their own meetings .

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