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 MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The last six months have not been particularly good for Apple. The company’s decision to strangle its phones to preserve battery life without ever telling users. Now he is under fire for allegedly false claims about the standby time and overall energy consumption of his MacBook Pros. And, as it has become typical, it does not do anything about it.

Several Mac users have reported that the power consumption in standby mode of MacBook and MacBook Pro is much higher than it should be. and operating systems. VentureBeat rounded up some examples of user complaints, with some people reporting drains up to 6% per day when the laptop is literally closed and ] 15% per day if left idle with the lid closed. This is much higher than expected for a device of this type, and Apple’s messaging, up to here, was working as expected. An Apple Genius told a user that the problem represented “normal behavior with the new generation of hardware”.

“Up to 30 days”

Several MacBook and MacBook Pro users are not satisfied with the situation, as long as Apple does not seem to offer help. It also does not honor the demands of a new battery for warranty devices if its own tests show that the system’s battery is ok. Of course, most people can not leave a laptop sitting at their local Apple Store to go back a week later and inquire about the state of the battery.

 The new MBP battery. Original image by iFixit "width =" 640 "height =" 481

Apple changed the design of the Mac battery in 2012. It is easy to remove – provided that your species naturally releases certain types solvents.

The typical answer to this kind of problem would be to mark the Apple Quotes “up to 30 days” for the time of waiting. But these kinds of claims are generally understood to reflect approximate estimates (if they are better) and to be at least affordable.

Apple, at the time of writing this report, does not really seem to be it. It would be a thing if it was an isolated incident, but it corresponds to a model that we saw. Apple apologizes for the stun phones, but will not leave. Apple removes a critical back plate from the iPhone 6 Plus, but refuses to acknowledge that the “touch disease” caused so much trouble and only offered to repair the devices for $ 149. True, the company has a reputation for ignoring the negative experiences of its customers – Steve Jobs “you’re wrong” is sort of room A of this kind of thinking – but it seems we see more than these incidents lately. And iOS 11 is still bored by the problems according to general reports, although it’s been out in the wild for months now.

In summary, this refusal to respond to the situation this time of waiting on its more recent Macs is nothing as promised. It can alternatively reflect that the company is not interested in it.

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