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7 Mobile Advertising Strategies for Better Conversions


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<p> According to  comScore  The number of mobile users in the world has surpassed the desktop in 2014 alone, let alone in 2017. You already know that mobile advertising is important to any business or brand. </p>
<p> But without appropriate mobile advertising strategy, how will you ensure that your mobile advertising campaign succeeds in generating greater brand awareness or boosting sales? </p>
<p> If you're looking for the best strategies to use for mobile advertising , this post will go through it and make sure your next ad campaigns follow these strategies. </p>
<p> You may already be familiar with some of these strategies, but I will address them based on my experience. xperience of mobile advertising campaigns. Let's start. </p>
<h2> 1 – Include a telephone number </h2>
<p style= 92% of all customer interactions occur by phone – SalesForce

It’s always good to minimize the obstacles for your potential customers to call

If there was one thing in common between all mobile users, it would be the need for a quick way to get more information. And in most cases, making a phone call is the fastest way to do it.

To add to the previous fact, according to phone calls are better than mobile traffic.

So, rather than displaying your ad with a title or traditional creative that would redirect users to a landing page after a tap, insert your company’s phone number on the page. ad.

barrier between a company and its potential client. However, there is another problem. By including a phone number on the ad, a user will always have to memorize the phone number or write it down on paper, before making a phone call.

This problem can be solved by using interactive rich media advertising. With a rich media mobile ad, you can include an ad component called “Call to Call” directly on your ad. By seeing your mobile ad, the potential customer can press to call and they will be immediately connected to the company.

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<p class= Examples of Rich Media mobile ads with a component of ad “Touch to call”.

View more examples of rich media mobile ads

While this is effective, it is important that your call button is as visible as possible.Many advertisers make the mistake of not having the “Call to Call” button visible enough on their ad, given the small mobile ad slot.

Once your mobile ads are set up to be effective, make sure you have the bandwidth you need to route incoming calls, or you’ll be frustrating your potential customers. your ad.

2 – Plan an incentive on your advertisement

P People love free stuff, that’s why special offers and promotion are effective for mobile users to act on your ads. Whether it’s a discount, free shipping or a voucher, these offers will motivate people to click and act on your ads.

There are many types of mobile advertising formats & creative, but providing an incentive is one of the best ways to attract new customers and generate leads. For example, a clothing line called Smooth Sailing offered a 15 percent discount to sign up for their newsletter. A food chain like Subway, which implements the same strategy by offering a free sandwich for every 10 subscriptions purchased.

The bottom line is that the incentives are good for advertising. But there is a huge problem.

Due to the overcrowded advertising market, advertisers are losing audiences that do not immediately intervene in bids. There are often too many steps to go through to claim an offer, such as redirects or email confirmations that a user must make before they can claim an offer.

For your incentive advertising to be effective, you must make it easy

Here’s what you can do:

Include a catch or exchange form of leads directly to the mobile ad, so users can quickly grab their information and claim offer instantly.

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<p class= Mobile ads with offers easy to claim.

Success of an ad with an offer strongly depends on the value of the offer itself, but the creations also directly affect the success of the advertisement.

For your ad to be broadcast, be sure to Follow each engagement on your ad, so you’ll know if your creatives or creatives are working, with your potential. With interaction reporting information, consider tweaking creatives, text, or CTA message on your ad and continue to follow if there is more and more users claiming offers

3 – Customizing ads with your target audience

Custom advertising content and features com targeting portemental are not only important for an online advertising strategy, but they can also increase mobile conversions.

No matter which platform you are advertising, most users have a very low tolerance for irrelevant ads.

Before you even create your advertising creations, think about your potential customers. Who are they? When do they use their mobile phone and where do they normally consume mobile content?

Up to now, energy, time and budget are spent to create commercials in the hope of succeeding in a given target market. Some of them will be doing very well, and some will fail miserably.

This is where Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) comes in.

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<p> DCO allows the creation of multiple versions of an ad.All models ad creations will automatically be modified to attract the attention of the target audience.Advertising creations can be effective for different audiences – dog owner, school-going teenager, professional adult, music enthusiast, etc. </p>
<p> The use of dynamic creative optimization technology will help you better customize the ads intended for your target audience.Important is that you are looking for a dynamic creative solutions provider that has a good support team for help you because dynamic creative technology can be technologically difficult to configure. </p>
<p> In addition to using dynamic creative optimization technology for the public Mobile You also need to properly target your audiences when buying advertising inventory. Targeting your target audience may be based on more than one variable. In fact, you are asked to include as many targeting options as your mobile ad network allows. These variables usually offered by a  DSP  may include: </p>
<p> Geo-locationDemographic grouped (gender, age, socio-economic status, etc.) Affinity of the audienceDay-partingType of device usedRetargetingEtc. </p>
<h2> 4 – Pair Ads With Social Media </h2>
<p> According to  Pew Research Center  74% of all online adults use social networking sites, and from there, at least 40% of them use a mobile phone. </p>
<p> Social media has become a crucial piece for advertising and as an advertiser, you should also take advantage of that. Performed correctly, matching your advertising campaigns with the presence of your brand on social networks can be very effective in managing the brand lift. </p>
<p> Here is an example of a mobile advertising campaign being taken for a brand aimed at increasing its notoriety. The interactive ad featured a camera capture feature that prompted users to interact with the ad and then allowed the public to share the ad on their social media accounts. </p>
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