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20 Wonderful Examples of Winter Photography


The winter photos can be of a haunting beauty. Snowy landscapes, icy water, bare tree branches … There are innumerable winter scenes to photograph.

However, cold weather can also be difficult to photograph. In addition to having frozen fingers, you might have trouble with poor lighting, bland colors and worn out batteries. These conditions may make you want to go back inside, but stick to it! Getting great winter photos requires practice.

The winter also requires more preparation. Unlike in the summer, when you can walk outside with your camera, you will need a few more supplies to thrive in the winter. For starters, you will probably want waterproof clothing, so you do not get wet if you have to kneel or lie down.

Special gloves are nice to have too. Some photographers wear two pairs of gloves. They have a thin pair for shooting, covered with a thick pair between shots. Other photographers use fingerless gloves, such as those from Igloos.

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<p> Extra batteries are another must-have. Keep them in a warm place, as inside your coat, so that the cold does not empty them. </p>
<p> In addition to clothing and supplies, you will need to learn how to get the most out of winter landscapes. In particular, snow can be a real challenge. It's one of the most amazing and frustrating winter topics. For some tips, check out these  tips for shooting in the snow .</p>
<p> Finally, when you get home, make sure to let your camera warm up slowly. Place it in a cool place, such as a window sill or cellar, before storing it in a warm room. This slow warming will help prevent condensation and keep your camera in good shape longer. </p>
<h2> Winter photography </h2>
<p> Once you have learned to work with winter conditions, a new world of photographic possibilities opens up. Even with a lighting or a difficult time, the winter can be very fun for photographers. For inspiration, take a look at these awesome photos from our group  Flickr . Then go out and take your own pictures of the winter! </p>
<p> Fred Veenkamp – Winter Landscape II <br />  <img  data-src=

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