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Although the betas of Monster Hunter World allow us to experiment intensively the 14 weapons they do not represent very well the online experience of the game at launch. We were able to play the first 12 hours in a preview with multiplayer compatibility, and we learned a lot. Here are nine interesting things about the Monster Hunter World Cooperative, and a not so great thing we think you should know.

1. You do not have to play online

Before entering the flesh of the online cooperation, let’s make sure that all this is played: You can play the whole game without internet connection, by yourself. I do not recommend it because one of the huge draws of Monster Hunter is the ability to hunt with three friends, but you can. At least now, history of voice and more robust story can make the solo player feel more like a traditional campaign, and you have a friend of Felyne Palico. Speaking of offline gaming, there is no couch co-op, and (unfortunately) there has never been one.

2. Individual and multiplayer quests merged

In previous Monster Hunter games, solo village quests and multiplayer guild quests were separated. Basically, you will have to do the same quest twice – once by yourself offline, and once online – to keep progressing. In Monster Hunter World, these quests are identical and can be accepted from the same hub of the main city, so you do not have to switch between online and offline, depending on whether you want to hunt solo or no. Just change the settings when you publish a quest.

3. There is a gathering center (and arm wrestling)

In addition to being able to accept multiplayer quests from the city, you You can also go to the assembly center. The tussle is a simple mini-game, but it’s a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a quest to begin.

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<p> The scales of difficulty between Solo and online </p>
<p dir= Monsters have two levels of difficulty: solo and multiplayer, which evolves automatically HP, and can change by other means not formally discussed However, chasing with more people means that you will be less targeted by the monster, giving you time to recover.will not be able to go down if teammates inadvertently leave.

5. You can go on a quest before everyone is ready

Leave before everyone reaches the “Ready” button after the start of the quest, even if she did not register for the poster, as long as they are in the quest b Before 10 minutes have elapsed, they will receive the same rewards as everyone else – after 10 minutes the rewards will start to go down. We have not been able to experience as much, and the mechanic can change with the full game, but that is how it worked in the preview version we played.

6. You Can Ask for Help Mid-Solo Mission

If you embark on a more difficult solo mission than you expected, you can use an SOS Flare to call for # 39; s help. Then friends (or anyone online) can join you and help you eliminate the annoying monster.

7. DLC will be free

All Monster Hunter games have received ongoing support in the form of free DLC special quests to cool collaborations, such as the Horizon Zero Dawn Monster Collab Hunter World PS4 players will get. Sometimes this new content introduces new and challenging monsters and will extend the life of Monster Hunter World. We already know that the first pack of DLC Monster Hunter World will include the infamous Deviljho . Check out the end of the video below to learn more about this famous gherkin of death.

8. Live Events

Because Monster Hunter World is on a home console, developers have said that they can assume that more people will be connected online more often. With this assumption, they looked for what they could do more to improve Monster Hunter World, and mentioned that there will be special Monster Hunter World events limited in time.

9. Playing with friends is really easy

Do not worry about having to share a long code every time you want to play with someone, that’s also simple than to invite someone on your PlayStation or Xbox friends list. Teams make the game with friends even easier. Once you have joined a team, you should be able to log in to this online session, allowing you to automatically play with any friend in the group session as well.

Up to 50 people may be in the same team (although we do not know if there is a restriction to simultaneous online players in the session), and you can join up to To eight teams at a time.

10. Because the solo and multiplayer quests are one and the same now, I was eager to play the whole story with my friends without having to go from cooperative play to solo play. There is, however, a small obstacle that prevents this from working as I expected.

The assigned quests (essentially replacing the key quests, for those who are familiar with the series) now come with cutscenes, more elaborate than the Monster Ecology scenes we know. These cutscenes, which usually trigger when a monster is found in an assigned quest, must be seen before they can play the assigned quest with another person.

To get around this, my fighter partner and I both started the quest at the same time, and then I quit the quest as soon as I saw the cutscene, and rejoined his own – after having too saw the kinematics. of course.

You only have to play solo once before you can fight the same monster with others as many times as you like in the optional quests, so boring at first, actually the forced solo hunting attempt will only take a tiny part of the game.

When we asked Capcom why he was configured like this, they said wait the final version, so maybe this particular mechanism will be changed in the final version. We will have to wait and see.

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Casey DeFreitas has been chasing monsters since ’05 and can not wait to get back to life. Catch her on Twitter @ShinyCaseyD .

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